EdHola believes in creating opportunities, not just for the brilliant minds who are pursuing their dreams, but also for the schools, as we very well know that a school is only as good as the students, it produces.

India is a country with over 3 million population of students applying for undergraduate studies every year. These students, who are rated amongst the best in the world according to multiple surveys, are looking for avenues beyond India. However, due to lack of awareness amongst them, more often than not they have to settle for sub-par universities for further studies. On the other hand, there are many great universities, which are not getting enough deserving talent. EdHola wants to bridge this gap between quality students and universities.

With over three hundred thousand hours of experience mentoring, coaching students to excel in various competitive exams in India and international Olympiads, Vipul & other faculty members act as a perfect guide for securing a better future for students. Over the past 10 years, the mentors at EdHola have honed the skill of polishing raw talent and help them achieve their goals.

At EdHola, individual attention is paid to every applicant by our unique customized training regimen, targeted specifically at the needs of an individual. With the best-in-class research material, coupled with an experienced faculty, the EdHola training suite not only prepares the students for various tests but also helps in creating a well-rounded personality.