Vipul Mehta

(B.Tech - IIT Bombay)
Founder, CEO

With over 10 years of experience in the educational industry, Vipul Mehta has excelled in many roles in the past decade, be it a teacher, a mentor, or an administrator. He has mentored over 20,000 students for Indian competitive examinations like IIT-JEE and International Olympiads producing numerous All India Toppers and International Olympiad medalists. With such an experience behind him, Vipul has addressed over 100 seminars on various topics like time management, how to deal with stress, and how to break far-reaching goals into achievable tasks. Moreover to add to his credentials, Vipul is also an author for "Physical Chemistry" by Wiley India which is due for publication this summer.

EdHola is a brainchild of Vipul that resulted from his experience in the industry, having seen the lack of a structured approach for students who wish to study abroad. Thus, EdHola is designed as an "Edupreneurship" venture to enable each child to find his/her passion and develop the courage to follow his/her dreams by getting the best education globally.


Ashwini Gokhale

(MBA - Wharton Business School / B.Tech - IIT Bombay)
Principal Advisor

Currently employed in a Global Investment Bank, based out of Singapore, Ashwini also acts the principal advisor to the team EdHola. A graduate of Wharton Business School, Ashwini’s experience in working with a Private Equity firm and a myriad of Global Investment Banks across the globe, helps her carve out the developmental needs of the students along with helping them build an impactful resume. Moreover, having studied in Ivy League Schools in the USA as well as India, her deep insights into the educational expectations across geographies is unparalleled. As a principal advisor to EdHola, Ashwini helps in strategizing the efforts for charting a long-term value path and geographical expansion plans.


Chandrika Chheda

Chief Academic Officer

For eight years as a tutor and another four years as academic counsellor and administrator for over 5000 students, Chandrika has helped students recognize their talents and expand their horizons. Prior to that, she practised at Jaslok Hospital and Labs for three years.

She specializes in identifying components that make a solid, well-rounded Resume/CV- incorporating both technical and extracurricular aspects. Chandrika has talked to hundreds of parents about invoking enthusiasm and curiosity right from primary school through field trips and developing logical reasoning through competitive exams.

She has also advised students for extraordinary projects right from ideation to surveying, research, application and collaboration with the government offices. No wonder, these students have been accepted to top universities across the world- including Cornell, GeorgiaTech, Cambridge, Princeton, Purdue, etc.

As the principal academic advisor at EdHola, Chandrika keeps herself actively updated about university acceptance statistics, new developments in study techniques and scholarship opportunities to provide EdHola students and parents with the comprehensive and latest information to make best career decisions.